Wednesday, June 27, 2007

New Writing Contest - Whatever Blows Your Dress Up!

My stepmother says skirt instead of dress. Whatever blows your skirt up is used by her and has always tickled me.

I'm also great Marilyn Monroe fan and imagine my extreme pleasure finding that This Eclectic Life had produced a Marilyn Monroe button. I've proudly displayed it on my side bar

They are seeking humorous pieces and I've decided to submit my latest: Hat and Pearls.

Here's the link to This Eclectic Life's Whatever Blows Your Dress Up's contest.

Scribbit up in Alaska has a wonderful writing contest as well. It's interesting to hear about life up there and some of the wonders and challenges. Her next Write Away will be July 3rd, so be sure to visit for those details.


Scribbit said...

Thanks for the plug on the contest--any suggestions for topics or guest judges? It's sneaked up on me this busy month. :)

The Tour Marm said...


Glad to hear from you again!

How is your church situation progressing?

Here's a suggestion for a topic:

Elderly Wisdom

Stories told to us in our youth by much older relatives.

It could be family history, personal, folktales, or even jokes.

Unfortunately, I have no idea about judges.