Sunday, June 24, 2007

They're back! Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles

Today, I had a quick lunch with some friends who were returning home to Massachusetts from their vacation in Williamsburg and Virginia Beach.

Their older son (4 1/2 ) was waxing lyrical about the TNMT's. As I don't have any small children, I haven't kept up with the current movies. (He was extraordinarily impressed I was originally from Spidey's hometown (neighborhood), Forest Hills, Queens!)

Oh dear! I thought that the Turtles were all past history, but I've got to deal with it again!

Years ago, I remember trying to describe to a group of eighth-graders how Brumidi painted the Apotheosis of Washington inside of the dome of the Capitol: "He was flat on his back atop scaffolding, like Michaelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel."
"You mean, the Ninja Turtle?"

After clearing up the misunderstanding, I ended up taking the group to the National Gallery of Art.

The students were amazed to find out that the names of the pizza-eating Turtles were after famous painters and loved seeing the art.

While the NGA doesn't have a Michaelangelo, they do have a Leonardo DaVinci, a few Raphaels (St. George and the Dragon is a favorite), and sculptures by Donatello in their collection.

Introducing students to great art through the Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles?



elementaryhistoryteacher said...

It's rather a shame that the small fry's parents didn't share the fact that the turtles were named after famous painters.

I was subjected to episode after episode of the TMNT when Dear Son was much younger. I shared the knowledge with him and he in turn passed it along to his friends. For some reason the whole neighborhood would descend on my living room each day to watch their very favorite show.....

The Tour Marm said...

Have you watched, Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?

I doubt whether many of these parents know that!