Saturday, January 20, 2007


What is the connection between these two?

And why is today's date, January 19, 2007,
significant for one of them?

Answer will appear next Friday!


teachergirl said...

Howdy, TourMarm! I believe the statue is of Robert E. Lee and his 200th birthday was January 19, 2007. (And a big birthday for LawyerBoy, too!!) The other picture is something I can't place. Perhaps somewhere near Richmond (the span bridge in the background is giving me a lot of trouble). Oh well; just a guess.

The Tour Marm said...

Welcome teachergirl!

You're absolutely correct about the silhouette of Robert E. Lee, the bicentennial of his birth is being celebrated for the entire year in Virginia. (My father's family is from Westmoreland County, VA, the birthplace of Gen. Lee.)

The other photo is what makes this so difficult. It's a rather obscure site in the shadow of a very famous one. Hardly any of the locals know of the existance of the site in the foreground.

Obviously, one clue is the bridge.

Good luck!

The Educational Tour Marm