Thursday, January 18, 2007

Thursday XIII - #I


Overlooked Sites in Washington, DC

1. Lincoln Park - Emancipation Statue & Mary McLoed Bethune

2. Folger Shakespeare Library and Theatre

3. Library of Congress - Interior and Exhibits

4. The Summer House - Olmstead's Grotto on Capitol Hill

5. U.S. Botanical Gardens

6. National Japanese American Memorial

7. National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial

8. National Building Museum

9. National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden

10. Daughters of the American Revolution Museum

11. Organization of American States

12. Women's Titanic Memorial

13. Women in Military Service to America Memorial

Many of these sites have free educational programs and tours.
If you have any questions about these sites, please ask!

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Vik said...

I'm from D.C., and I'm not even familiar with many of these sites. It makes me want to visit right now and go see them!

This is a really fun site. You make the subject fascinating, even to people who know nothing about it. Good job!