Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Celebration of Queens NY in Photos


Gattina said...

Very interesting walk through Queens ! I only have seen the touristic part of NY.

The Tour Marm said...

There's a lot more to New York City - even in Manhattan. It's a pity that people only see the obvious glitz. Next time you visit, take a Micheline
guidebook and seek out some of the other, hidden places.

Glad you enjoyed this. There were some really personal photos here which brought back wonderful memories of my childhood.

Repairman said...

Neat show! I grew up in NY.

Brooklyn for the first seven, then Nassau County (Franklin Square to Farmingdale) for the next ten and a half, and then on to college in Seattle.

My favorite subject in school was NY history in grade seven. I can still draw the state map from memory. :-)