Friday, August 3, 2007

Figure It Out Friday 070307

How are these three pictures related?


GreenmanTim said...

The connections, I suspect, have to do with the fugitive slave act, the underground railroad, and the emancipation proclamation, b ut I don't have all the pieces. I know the first image is Anthony Burns, whose arrest and trial in Boston under the fugitive slave act in 1854 resulted in an armed confrontation and the death of one of the US Marshalls at the courthouse. When PBS did its series Africans in America, a friend of my Uncle was casting extras with beards and so my Uncle and I played the role of the baton swinging marshalls and two reenactors from the 54th MA (colored) Inf. played Burn's would-be rescuers.

The second image is the Emancipation Statue in Lincoln Park, D.C., erected in 1876 on the Anniversary of the President's death.

The last image appears to be a church and here I run out of steam for it is unfamiliar to me. Someone else needs to fill in the blank!

The Tour Marm said...

Tim, you're right on the money with Anthony Burns, the Emancipation statue, and Fugitive Slave Act. All three will be part of the posting next week.

The structure is not a church. But I will give you a clue: It can be found closer to you (I would wager that you've either passed it, seen it, or visited it) and has some connection to Anthony Burns.

I'm really impressed with your stint in the PBS series. (I was in the George Washington mini series (with Barry Bostwick) which was filmed in Old Town Alexandria.)

The Tour Marm said...

Here's a clue: It's a famous school.