Thursday, August 2, 2007

Thursday XIII 070207 Why I Like the FDR Memorial

Thirteen Reasons I Like the FDR Memorial in Washington, DC:

It tells a story

It's tactile

It blends into the environment

It gives people with physical handicaps dignity

It presents problems and challenges

It offers hope and a mission to young people

It utilizes water to represent several concepts

It employs abstract art as well as realistic sculpture

It outlines our essential freedoms

It teaches us compassion

It introduces the power of communication

It honors the influence of one's spouse

It reflects the decency and work ethic of
America's Greatest Generation


EHT said...

Great list...Can you email me at

I've misplaced your email and didn't find it anywhere. I wanted to send you the blogroll code in order to use the scrolling boxes.

Alasandra said...

Thank you for visiting my TT.

I really enjoyed your slide show and hope I get to visit the FDR Memorial in person one day. Thank you for sharing.

DrPezz said...

First, thanks for the information you left on my blog. You gave me some great suggestions.

Secondly, I just visited the D.C. area two weeks ago and stayed in Alexandria with some friends. The FDR memorial was our favorite as well. We must've taken 50 pictures of it as we walked through and thoroughly enjoyed it. Actually, we walked there twice during our week's stay.

By the way, how did you happen upon my site?

Carrie said...

Thanks for visiting my TT!

I loved your list! It was both fun and informative! I have never visted Washington DC, but your list made me want to!