Thursday, February 15, 2007

Remedy for Cabin Fever

There are many advantages to a home office, and I'll reserve that for another Thursday Thirteen, however I've recently been dealing with the down side.

Normally I look forward to spending February in California visiting schools and teachers, but because of a staff shortage due to two maternity leaves and a death in someone's family, it was requested that I stay here to help cover.

Although I enjoy the independence from a structured office life, in the bleak midwinter it gets a bit depressing, especially as I live on my own. I've been cooped up amongst computer, phone, and fax but this is the 'off' time right before the frenetic tour season. so nothing much is happening. The three hour time difference keeps me in until ten o'clock EST because many teachers call/email after their school day. I'm currently going over last minute changes, confirmations, student additions and cancellations, and restructuring my East Coast itineraries. A new school signing up for 2008 is the bright spot of the day!
Many of my office colleagues who live between Donner Lake and Lake Tahoe will take off next week to spend time with their children during ski and skate week.

But I'm across the continent working in a highrise.

In better weather, I like to go on my balcony on the 14th floor and sip a cup of tea or lemonade while I work. I also enjoy spending time with my herb garden, but the herbs are now either dead or sleeping. I've seen some eagles visiting in the past, now it's only noisy crows and Canada Geese. The trees are still twiggy and it has been overcast.

Sometimes I work in my jammies!
I'm zapping rather than cooking meals.

Well, help just came in the form of an invitation from the Jamestown/Yorktown Foundation to be a part of a seminar exploring the changes in Jamestown and Yorktown, Virginia! (This is in advance of the 400th anniversary of the founding of Jamestown.) It gives me the opportunity to advise my tour guides and apprise my teachers and most importantly, to get out of the apartment!!!

I'll also be able to visit Williamsburg!

And I can pop into Mount Vernon on the way back to inspect their new The Ford Orientation Center and Donald W. Reynolds Museum and Education Center .


Places to go! Things to do! People to meet!

And an overnight with my second cousin once removed, who is also my stepmother! (It's a Southern thing.)

Prepare for some postcards during the next two weeks detailing my road trip!
The Tour Marm
P.S. The red dot is placed strategically at my balcony. Everything to the right of my balcony is my apartment. Yes, I look over two gigantic swimming pools, a park, and six tennis courts.


teachergirl said...

I want to go. Please. Seriously.

The Tour Marm said...

If so, let me know! It's next week!