Thursday, February 8, 2007

Thursday XIII:4 Codes and Catch Phrases

My Favorite On-Tour
Codes and Catch Phrases

One of the best ways of conveying instructions to students is by code words and catch phrases. It focuses and motivates the group in a fun way. I usually teach them these phrases right after I introduce myself and discuss the safety rules aboard the bus. Most of the phrases require some participation from them.

(Student responses are in italics)

I Eschew the crew. (Avoid the crowd or another group)
II Recycled ( Visited the restroom)
III It depends on,
what it depends on. (Answer to any query that involves how long it will take to get somewhere)
IV Are you fed-up? (Did you have enough to eat?)
V Gifted (Purchased souvenirs)
Because, I love you! (You love us!) (Answer to why we are making a deviation or adding something special)
VII Dash, then flash. (Don't stop to take photos! Get in the line first, and take photos later)
Put it in, pick it up, and walk, pilgrim! (How to get into the metro in DC with a fare card. We imitate John Wayne.)
IX Get it,
got, it, good! (Directions are understood)
X I’m not competitive; I just need to be first! (Why we need to hurry or leave early)
XI No tickee, no touree. (Don't lose or forget tickets and/or badges)
XII Listen very carefully; I shall say this only, once! (Attention getter for instructions)
XIII Walk, with a sense of purpose! (Power Walk)

This is part of my course on 'Guerilla Tourism', which teaches how to hustle your way through lines etc. More on that in a later post!

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That was fabulous - what a wonderful way to interact with the kids AND to get their attention!

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