Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Thursday XIII:5 Ennui Hits the Home Office

Thursday XIII

February Ennui:
Taking breaks from my home office work

  1. Sleeping in a couple of hours
  2. Snood
  3. Calling my stepmother about a Charlotte Rae song
  4. Creating a floor plan for my dream house
  5. Finding a cool new widget that tracks the phases of the moon
  6. Watering my indoor plants
  7. Domino Backgammon
  8. Working on my blog and becoming frustrated with posting photos
  9. Watching the snowplows clearing the ice and snow
  10. Considering what I shall be giving up for Lent
  11. Inviting my nephew over to visit on Presidents’ Day
  12. Watching the Craig Ferguson show I taped last night
13. Trying to figure out what my Thursday Thirteen would be

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elementaryhistoryteacher said...

I usually have a set amount of time to do what I need to each afternoon online. More times than not I find myself led down an interesting Internet path that takes me far, far away from my intended purpose. I understand diversion.....