Friday, April 6, 2007

Figure It Out Friday #9


Mrs Mecomber said...

Hello from New York State! How goes your planning? Are you in my state yet? I'd love an update, to let my NY readers know how much you are enjoying our scenery and despising our taxes and gas prices. Stay in touch.

The Tour Marm said...


Everything is set and everyone is, 'pumped'!

I have contacted the head of tourism for I Love NY, and a few of their representatives will be visiting us along the way. The folks upstate have been more than generous - going the extra mile by offering things that have not been available to anyone else. We've been given red carpet treatment at various sites i.e. Niagara Falls, Mt. Hope Cemetery in Rochester, the US Army Arsenal in Watervliet, and the RiverSparks center in Troy. We'll be at the dinner theatre on opening night!

We'll also be in the crowd of the CBS Morning Show on April 19th after 8:00AM. (They are picking us up in their 'fun bus' and they serve breakfast!)

If you and your folks would like to track us, we'll be adding photos and messages each evening after April 13th. The site is now open and you can see the itinerary.

But, you haven't commented on the photo!

Have a blessed Easter.

Apple said...

I'm glad to see that the entire trip won't be spent on the incredibly boring Thruway. You have a lot of great stops lined up. Wish I was one of your drivers!

Will you be on NBC or CBS?

On to the picture. Items from a gentleman's pocket and the New York Times. Curious that there are two pair of glasses. I did try to enlarge it to see if I could come with a date. "President Lincoln Shot by an Assassin" so I'm guessing that it is a $5 note with a picture of Hamilton and signed by Chase? Something that will be seen on your Civil War tour?

The Tour Marm said...

Hi Apple!

We'll be on CBS, they've been really hospitable!

Is there anything to see on the Thruway? I think not!

My teacher is still convinced that it will be good weather. I work on worse-case scenario!

If you want to add anything to the other site, feel free to - especially trivia!


The newspaper does give the clue, although it wasn't amongst the items. It's taken the place of newspaper clippings.

You're onto something with the $5 dollar bill - but it isn't Hamilton or Chase. It's far more interesting.

And it can be seen at the Library of Congress.

GreenmanTim said...

Right period, wrong banknote. Thats an 1864 5 dollar confederate bill. It was supposed to be redeemable for 5 dollars "two years after the ratification of a treaty of peace between the Confederate States and the United States."

So, I bet the gentleman's items are Lincoln's, and the Bill was something he picked up in Richmond on his tour of the fallen capitol less than a week before his assasination.

The Tour Marm said...

Right you are!

These are the contents of Lincoln's pockets on the night he was assassinated, Good Friday, April 14, 1865. He died at 7;22AM the next morning at the Peterson House across the street from Ford's Theatre.

The five dollar Confederate note that he may have picked up at the capitol in Richmond when he and his son visited.

My answer will be unusual. It is referencing a rock song by a group that disbanded this past December.

Jennie W said...

Pretty cool! Have you seen the chair he was sitting in when he was shot? It is on display at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI. That is one AWESOME museum!