Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Wordless Wednesday #11 041107


GreenmanTim said...

Resembles the Black Watch Tartan but is not the right plaid.
Now if it's the kilt we should be talking about and not the plaid, then perhaps its evolution from the belted brechan or "blanket kilt" to the "short skirt" kilt is what you're after. The latter is a relatively modern invention from the late 1720s, devised, so the story goes, by an English military tailor named Parkinson. Of course, there are many stories of the modern kilt's origins, and they do not all agree...

The Tour Marm said...


She's back!

It's the tartan.

And I'm sure that the Scots wouldn't be so happy to know that the modern version is by an English military tailor!