Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Ooooo! Look What I've Found! A New Site!

While I was hunting around to find the answer to elementaryhistoryteacher's Wordless Wednesday, I accidentally stumbled down a rabbit hole and found The Sheila Variations She has two blogs that I can see; one is a well-researched (very important to me), engaging, and personal view on our founding fathers and other aspects of history. The other is a hodgepodge of wonders; April is poetry month, need i say more?

She posts when the spirit and a significant date moves her. Her posts are accompanied by illustrations, poetry, and popular culture .

Naturally, I felt right at home with her Gibson Girl illustrations; I think I've found a Kindred Spirit!

I was particularly taken by the juxtaposition of Alexander Hamilton and Dean Martin; I'm not going to give you the explanation, you just have to be there! (Hmm, could I find a connection between Sinatra and Franklin?)

So follow the breadcrumbs I've left and say, "Hi!".

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