Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I've Been Tagged, Again!


On June 26th, I was tagged by Elementary History Teacher and now I have been tagged by Jennie at American Presidents Blog!

The last time I played, I told a story about meeting Eleanor Roosevelt and some other random facts.

However, most of the people I tagged did not respond in kind - party-poopers! (Quite frankly, I was disappointed.)

So I'm in a quandary.

I'll start with the rules:

  1. Let others know who tagged you.
  2. Players start with 8 random facts about themselves.
  3. Those who are tagged should post these rules and their 8 random facts.
  4. Players should tag 8 other people and notify them they have been tagged.

Random Facts: (Since this is the American Presidents Blog, I'll do something geared to you!)

My favorite Presidential quote: "The buck stops here."

I have met five Presidents (Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Clinton, Bush, & Bush)

I have met six first ladies (Mrs. Roosevelt, Mrs. Kennedy (Onassis), Mrs. Nixon, Mrs. Reagan, Mrs. Clinton, and Mrs. G.H. Bush

My favorite presidential memorial in Washington, DC is the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial

My favorite Presidential home is Sagamore Hill, Theodore Roosevelt's home - quite eclectic!

My favorite first lady is Jacqueline Kennedy - good wife and mother, and interested in preservation and culture

The first President I voted for was Richard Nixon

My favorite President is George Washington - he set the pace and gave us the tradition of a peaceful exchange of power


Now rather than follow the rules and try to find eight other bloggers, I'm going to start something with you...

List 8 historic US places that you would like to take your children or students to visit


Jennie W said...

Well since I started this, I figured I'd better take the challenge.

8 places that I would take my kids:
1.) Monticello
2.) Hoover Dam (my husband's choice)
3.) Polk Place
4.) Mansassas
5.) Gettysburg
6.) the Smithsonian (I know that's huge, so specifically the National Air and Space (for hubby) and the American History Musuem)
7.) National First Ladies Library
8.) Medora

Have fun everyone!

The Tour Marm said...


I haven't been to the National First Ladies Library and I haven't heard of Polk (President?) Place or Medora.

The Museum of American History is closed for two years (you can keep up with the progress of the renovation on their website and they have the iconic items on display at the Air and Space Museum.)

Does hubby know about the Udvar Hazy Air and Space Annex near Dulles airport?

I could give you a tour of the others!

Thanks for playing!

Eric said...

Thanks for the comment over at my blog!

I'd like to take my kids to:

1) Plymouth
2) Jamestown
3) Yorktown
4) Lexington/Concord
5) Boston
6) Washington, DC (Smithsonian)
7) Dachau
8) Normandy

Eric said...

I wrote Jamestown but I meant to put Williamsburg! Dang it!

I put the Holocaust Museum, but changed it to Dachau.

I've been to all the sites I listed with the exception of #2 & #3 (and I plan on going to those within the next 3 years).

Arlington is a great place, been there many times.

The Tour Marm said...

I've posted about Jamestown a couple of times, and I was there on Anniversary Weekend (see the post about the POlish Strike)

I need to post something about Yorktown, both the Victory center and the battlefield. My groups usually eat at a small restaurant there and I invite a patriot as a dinner guest.

I've also posted a bit about Arlington National Cemetery as part of my Bringing Cemeteries to Life.

Let me know when you come!

And I do really want to thank you for the service you have given to this nation.

GreenmanTim said...

1) Little Bighorn / Custer battlefield. Take in the Crow Fair and Rodeo too.

2) The Makah Reservation Museum in Neah Bay, Washington. http://www.makah.com/mcrchome.htm

3) Santa Fe, preferably after following what remains of the Trail.

4) Chickamauga. Need to see where Gr-gr-great Uncle Gracie's Brigade charged up the long slope and broke on Thomas's "Rock".

5) New Bedford Whaling Museum http://www.whalingmuseum.org/ The first museum I fell for as a child.

6) Old Ironsides.

7) On a Windjammer Downeast.

8) Fort Ticonderoga

9) The Autry National Center and its affiliates: Museum of the American West / Southwest Museum of the American Indian / Institute for the Study of the American West / Women of the West Museum http://www.autrynationalcenter.org/about.php

The only reason I can think of to goto L.A.

10) The National Archives. Not to look at the Declaration and Constitution, but to learn how to do research there. I need a family historian in the next generation to succeed me, so I may as well start with my second grader!

The Tour Marm said...

Great choices, Tim!

I'm planning a New England tour next year and the New Bedford Whaling Museum and New Bedford NHP is part of it. (Too early (first week of April) for a windjammer, darnnit - or even a whale watch!)

The Getty Museum in LA, in my opinion, was well worth the visit.

The National Archives has a workshop for students concerned with research and the use of primary documents.

I also think the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody is fantastic!

Jennie W said...

Polk Place is the home of President and Mrs. Polk - its in Tennessee.

Medora, ND is the town founed by the Marquis de Mores and named for his wife in western ND. Its where TR spent those ND years after Alice died.

The Tour Marm said...


I did look them up and found them to be quite interesting!

I've received two other very interesting lists! (I wish I could get more!)

I need to play this game more often!

Alasandra said...

The Liberty Bell

Thomas Jefferson's Monticello

Chancellorsville Battlefield

The White House

U. S. Capital

Little Bighorn Battlefield

The Alamo

Emerald Mound

This is the link to my post which has the links to virtual tours/a little information about my 8 choices.