Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thursday XIII 071907

Thirteen Favorite Films Based (Loosely or Accurately) on American History

How the West Was Won

The Longest Day

Gone With the Wind

Abe Lincoln in Illinois

Sargeant York

Ghosts of Mississippi

The Alamo (1960)

Inherit the Wind



The Right Stuff

The Grapes of Wrath



Repairman said...

Thanks for dropping by my site.

You're definitely in the heart of historyland there in ol' Virginny! (I grew up in NY before migrating to the Wild West with my entire family, and my wife's a native of Philadelphia.)

I taught American History for many years, "The Beginning" (20,000 BC) to 1877. My fav period is 1750-1789.

See you in blogland!

Repairman said...

Actually, I didn't need to create another space...the name of your blog is sufficient to set it apart! And that saved me some space. I try to keep visitors from having to scroll too far to find what they're looking for! :-)