Monday, July 23, 2007

Lonely Posts ISO Comments

There they are, just sitting there, lonely and craving for some attention. They feel frightfully abandoned. Even a bit of acknowledgment, rave or rant, might get these posts out of their doldrums. Some of these wallflowers have the potential to be the belle of the ball. There are also the posts listed in the Tour Marm's First 100.

I shall be away for a bit and I shall leave these posts in your care:


Live It Bethel - Underground Railroad Experience

Sgt. Thomas Kirkland

Cal Ripken: Hall of Famer and Rosemont's Cooperstown Visit

Did You Hear the One About the Polish Strike in Jamestown?

Figure It Out Friday: Portland Head Light, Longfellow, & LaFayette

Museum Monday Answer - Lincoln's Coat and Brooks Brothers

Figure It Out Friday - Moon Rock

Women's Titanic Memorial

Postings about student tour management, challenges, professional ethics, and tricks of the trade:

Teacher Stipends and Bonuses for Student Tours

Interpreting Monuments,Memorials, and Museums for Students - 1st Installment -Forward

How I Manage My Student Tours in the Field

Educational Student Tour Ethics - Caveat Emptor

Broadway Shows: Teaching Moments

Have Gum, No Travel

Getting Personal

A Bittersweet Fourth of July

Lost and Found

The Tour Marm in the Twilight Zone

A Note on the Craig Ferguson Posts:

These posts get the most number of 'hits' from his legions of fans, who no doubt, are disappointed to discover that they relate to history, tourism, and discussion of moral fibre. While my latest one is a review of his show, it is actually a Washington, DC tour itinerary. The one before discusses the origins of honorary citizenship , but his fans (and many of the more visceral comments were deleted) just didn't 'get it'. My very first posting on him was about a very personal choice he made based on his own life experience.

I'll be back to check up on these posts!

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