Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wordless Wednesday 071807


Anne Bradshaw said...

Is this one of those pictures where we have to guess what they're doing? Or provide a title? LOL. It looks like a scene from my home country, England. In fact, the lady in a red coat could have been me on a wet Saturday afternoon, wandering around a historical site in the rain.

Where is this?

The Tour Marm said...

Welcome Anne!

Yes, this is one of those pictures! In this one, one needs to ascertain where they are.

It was indeed cold and wet, but in one of your former colonies. (This reflects the mission of my blog: history and educational student tours in the US.)

But since you are from across the pond, I shall give a hint: It does have to do with the American Revolution (which is also English history).

I'm hoping to get some of my usual readers to identify it, and then I shall post something about the historic event this represents.

Glad you found me!

Stay tuned!

Anne Bradshaw said...

Aha! American Revolution. Hmmm!(tapping chin). That would be the 1776 War of Independence we just celebrated. My guess is a hill outside Yorktown, though I have no clue what Yorktown looks like. Now if it were the real town of York in England, I could picture that, no problem.

The Tour Marm said...

Yorktown doesn't have any hills, only redoubts dug by the two armies.

The clue is quite prominent in the photo and if you realize the word for the clue out it in your search engine with American Revolution, you might just get it.

Actually, this does look a bit like Yorkshire! But this was taken in early April rather than Yorkshire in July!

Repairman said...

We are at West Point looking at the chains that spanned the Hudson to block the British fleet.

The Tour Marm said...

Thanks for playing!

Eric said...

Of course! Dang it! I should have known.

The Tour Marm said...

There's still the Figure It Out Friday from last week!